We Walk Together.

Welcome to JourneyPure’s alumni group. We are dedicated to aftercare and the connection of those seeking a life of sobriety.

Map Your Journey

Join fellow JourneyPure Alumni in mapping your recovery journey. Share uplifting moments centered around family, recovery, fun and volunteering!

Who We Are

The JourneyPure Alumni Program is dedicated to supporting your lifelong journey in recovery. Staying strong and active in recovery with others who share similar paths is a great way to consistently strengthen your sobriety. We encourage you to be a part of the JourneyPure family through events, activities, and service opportunities. In return, you’ll reduce your chances of relapse and create a healthy safety net for continued recovery!


Our Journey


Map Your Journey


Recovery Resources

Contribute to your recovery by staying connected.

Ready To Get Involved?

Help fight addiction and find out how to give back to the recovery community.

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